Brett Hill

Meet Captain Brett Hill

Meet Captain Brett Hill and Red Vision Fishing Charters

Hold onto your fishing rods and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the sparkling waters of South Padre Island, because Captain Brett Hill of Red Vision Fishing Charters is here to take you on a thrilling fishing experience like no other!

From the Guide:

Having spent a lifetime immersed in fishing, inheriting my father's legacy as a guide since the 1980s, I've imbibed a comprehensive range of angling wisdom. From mastering bait nuances to uncovering every hidden nook in the lower Laguna Madre bay, my passion for fishing has seamlessly become intrinsic. This drove me to step into the role of captain, not just to share expertise, but to spread the pure joy of fishing to all curious minds. A fervent focus is nurturing the next generation's interest in this timeless pursuit, mirroring how my father ignited my own zeal from an early age. I earnestly urge parents to initiate their children into fishing's enchanting realm at the earliest chance, allowing our shared passion to endure—an enduring legacy akin to the invaluable bequest my father passed down to me.

I lean towards using lures predominantly. Employing soft plastic swim baits rigged onto a jig head has proven effective for substantial catches, although this doesn't mean you won't occasionally find me experimenting with various types of bait. Yet, my utmost preference in fishing revolves around employing top water hard plastic baits, though it hinges on specific conditions. These optimal conditions entail a glass-like flatness or perhaps a gentle ripple on the water, and the chosen area must generally be devoid of floating sea grass, as even a solitary blade can ensnare the treble hooks. The explosive moments when redfish burst through the surface, engulfing the top water lure, constitute a breathtaking and adrenaline-pumping encounter.

Boat details

The 18' Shallow Sport features a robust design and is equipped with a potent 140HP Suzuki engine, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 35 knots. Originally crafted in 1992, the boat underwent a comprehensive restoration in 2019, ensuring both its vintage charm and modern functionality. With a capacity to accommodate up to 3 guests, it offers a versatile and enjoyable watercraft experience.

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Good to Knows

  • The minimum age for kids is 6 years old.
  • All equipment and artificial bait you need will be provided by the charter.
  • The captain uses all high-quality equipment including exclusively Shimano reels, Old 18 Outfitters rods, FINS Windtamer braided line and DOA lures.
  • Live bait is available upon request, at a market cost.
  • On board, you’ll find bottled water, as well as two coolers. You should still bring small coolers to take the catch home.
  • Another thing you need to bring with you is a valid fishing license which can be bought online or at a shop near the boat (ask for directions).
  • Finally, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and any additional food and drinks you’d like.
  • Now if you already have a date in mind, check the captain’s availability, and book your trip today!

DEPOSIT: A deposit is required for all bookings and will be applied at checkout 


BALANCE: The remaining balance is due on the trip date as either Credit or Cash.  


GUEST CANCELLATION: In the event that you must cancel your booking, you must do so 7 days prior to your trip date to receive a refund on your deposit. Rescheduling is encouraged and dependent on guide availability. 


GUIDE CANCELLATION: In the rare event that your guide must cancel due to inclement weather, health, or equipment issues, you will have the option to reschedule your charter for a later date or receive a refund on your deposit. 


TIPPING: Tips to your guide are greatly appreciated for your quality trip.